On 10/12/2015
Halles de Schaerbeek Rue Royale Sainte-Marie 22, 1030 Bruxelles

A show directed by Claudio Stellato
and Nicanor de Elia with the third year students
from the Higher School of Circus Arts of Brussels

Bang! appears as a series of brief sequences,
without a guiding thread other than the bodies of the performers, pushed to the limit. Limit states, excessive physical demands, contradictory action imperatives, are the key words of these acts on the border of performance. To try to produce, in a dramaturgy emanating from the body, all oppositions of strength and fragility, resistance and surrender, endurance and exhaustion, a burlesque of the extreme, a humor (necessarily a little dark) of mistreated identity.

With: Sergio Alvarez Pardo, Diego Arias Guirles, Joris Baltz, Josefina Castro Pereyra Soler, Oscar de Nova de la Fuente, Laureline Dubois, Julieta Martin, Audrey Minaud, Sergio Ortiz Cabrera, Guillermo Pastor Lopez Beltran, Hanan Vandenberghe, Violette Wauters, Léah Wolff, Juho Yrjola

With the participation of

  • Sergio Alvarez Pardo
  • Diego Arias Guirles
  • Joris Baltz
  • Josefina Castro Pereyra Soler
  • Oscar de Nova de la Fuente
  • Laureline Dubois
  • Julieta Martin
  • Audrey Minaud
  • Sergio Ortiz Cabrera
  • Guillermo Pastor Lopez Beltran
  • Hanan Vandenberghe
  • Violette Wauters
  • Léah Wolff
  • Juho Yrjola
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