On 23/02/2017
Ecole supérieure des arts du cirque Campus du Céria Avenue Emile Gryzon, 1 bâtiment 8B 1070 Bruxelles

Second year workshop of the higher school of circus arts and Master Dramatic Interpretation of INSAS directed by Ingrid von Wantoch Rekowski with the collaboration of Natacha Nicora, Manolo Sellati and Philippe Vande Weghe.

Inspired by Tango, by Polish director Zbigniew Rybszynski, the idea of a “body double” and “Kommunalka” (communal apartments in the Soviet Union), Pas de deux chez soi brings together students under the leadership of Ingrid von Wantoch Rekowski of INSAS and ESAC. Actors and circus performers come together in a common logic of repetition and routine, carrying musicality; in a new physical language, because it is always intertwined with the duet partner; and in a trajectory between constant promiscuity and multiple solitudes.

Jacques Brel Auditorium – Céria Campus
Rue Emile Gryzon, 1 – 1070 Brussels
Free entry, reservation essential:
+32 2 675 68 84 / info@esac.be

With the participation of

  • Aminata Abdoulaye
  • Faustine Boissery
  • Nahuel Fernando Broin
  • Raphaëlle Corbisier
  • Christian Cordonier
  • Mikaël Di Marzo
  • Nicole Félix Rodrigues
  • Rocio Aimé Garrote
  • Alizée Gaye
  • Camille Judic
  • Mikail Karahan
  • Christian König
  • Ellen Leonardson
  • Antoine Linsale
  • Luca Lugari
  • Anne-Julia Neumann
  • Samuel Padolus
  • Lionel Robyr
  • Mélissa Roguier
  • Diego Salles Silva Santos
  • Johan Santiago Aponte
  • Mary Schroeder
  • Julia Tesson
  • Samuel Van der Zwalmen
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