On 01/01/1970
, Belgium

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Show staged by Milan Herich and Petr Forman with third year students from the Higher School of Circus Arts.

What is the reason, the sense or motivation for which a circus artist chooses such object, such instrument, such tool, as a constant partner? Is the relation to the object more important, more exciting and more interesting than the ability that we have to practice with this one? Rather than being our opponent, could the object become our partner? The relationship between both of them is at the heart of the new collective show of ESAC. Through internal exploration, cooperative research and unlayering, twenty young artists look for reconciliation with the tools which share their art in day to day.

creative team:
Milan Herich / direction
Petr Forman / director
Simon Thierrée / music
Emilie Koang / musical collaboration
Vladimír Nemeček / lights
Aymará Parola / collaboration
Martin Kilvady / collaboration
Manuel Ronda / collaboration

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