Gaelle Bisellach-Roig

Gaëlle Bisellach is a director, dancer, and object manipulator. As a child, she began dancing. As an adult, she studied juggling and aerial fabric at the Higher School of Circus Arts in Brussels, where she began experimenting with image projection. She then spent three years with the company du Hanneton, as a dancer and juggler in “La Veillée des Abysses,” directed by James Thierrée. In 2005, she founded La Manœuvre, a company specializing in object manipulation, body, and image. In 2008, she co-founded Delirium Lumens with Franck Française. Together, they create monumental scenographies where the audience is immersed in hand-animated low-tech projections. For about ten years, she has been conducting regular workshops for jugglers in professional schools such as CRAC in Lomme, Lido in Toulouse, and ESAC in Brussels, where she mentors end-of-study projects.