On 14/12/2017
Halles de Schaerbeek Rue Royale Sainte-Marie 22, 1030 Bruxelles

A show staged by Christian Lucas and Cheptel Aleïkoum with third year students from the Higher School of Circus Arts

“As iron sharpens iron, so sharpens man with man” (Proverb 27:17).
Cheek to cheek, which could just as well have been called “joute against jouxte”, declines like so many games the attributes which characterize circus collectives: commitment, insolence, provocation, confidence, pleasure, pain, affection, tenderness, eroticism. Variety of proposals and frivolity of games. A party, so as not to take yourself seriously and for the mask of fantasy to release the gravity of its heaviness. A rejoicing, where it is not a question of “having the skin” of the other, but of traveling there.

Halles de Schaerbeek Rue Royale Sainte-Marie 22, 1030 Brussels
Info and reservations: +32 2 218 21 07 reservation@halles.be

With the participation of

  • Nahuel Fernando Broin
  • Mikayla Dinsdale
  • Nicole Felix Rodrigues
  • Rocio Aimé Garrote
  • Camille Judic
  • Mikail Karahan
  • Christan König
  • Ellen Leonardsson
  • Antoine Linsale
  • Luca Lugari
  • Anne-Julia Neumann
  • Mélissa Roguier
  • Diego Salles
  • Johan Santiago Aponte
  • Mary Schroeder
  • Julia Tesson
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