Du 29 mars au 2 avril 2023

The starting point of this show is play.

The pleasure of playing is a strong bond that has existed since childhood, uniting all beings and through which we are able to recognize ourselves, to identify with each other.

We explore the fall, failure, winning or losing. How does an individual or a group react to success or failure? How does rebellion arise?

We will create a collective work, possibly different each night depending on the risks taken by the artists, but also the participation of the audience, whom we will invite to play with us.

From March 29th to April 1st, at 8:00 PM. April 2nd at 3:00 PM.


Direction: Sophie Mandoux, Cie Les P’tits Bras

Production direction and scenic assistance: Benoît Escarmelle

With the collaboration of: Vincent Kuentz

Technical Direction: Jean-François Keller

Lighting design and technical assistance: Sarah Faucon

Photos: Valentin Boucq

Supporting gaze: Anna Ward

With the participation of

  • Jeanne Antore-Cobetto
  • André Bandeira
  • Camille Bekkers
  • Shu-Huan Chang
  • Julianne Giraud
  • Lison Grandmaison
  • Ella Hummel
  • Julia Kraus
  • Thea Lasan
  • Jui-Hung Li
  • Rachel Monfroy
  • Sebastian Thomas Pickering
  • Melvin Sikkens
  • Lena Simeon de Buochberg
  • Lili Wieneke
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