Du 1er au 4 février 2023

Message to the sleeping volcanoes is both a constant celebration of our lives and a manifesto of confronting our realities. A song to soothe and a cry to awaken. In a succession of scenes, bodies experience domination and submission, exuberance and calm, joy and pain. Seventeen performers bound by the imprint of gestures, in constant search of emancipation. Directed by Breno Caetano, it embodies a humanity that continues to distort the ordinary.

In supervised collective projects, students are confronted with directors, choreographers, or circus artists selected for their artistic quality and ability to lead them in a creative process. These situations aim to expose the student to original artistic languages that they can use to express their creativity while being aware of the entire creative group they are evolving with.

To book, send an email to: invitations@esac.be

Concept, direction & circusography: Breno Caetano
Set design: Xavier Peltier
Music: Gio Megrelishvili
Teaser & pictures: Nathan Ishar
Lighting: Valentin Boucq
Technical support: Jean-François Keller & Sarah Faucon
Production: ESAC

With the participation of

  • Sarah Alessandria
  • Marylou Aupic
  • Ellie Barnard
  • Katell Boudrandi-Saj
  • Catarina Da Cunha Figueiredo
  • Emilia Dawiec
  • Marceau Ehrmann
  • Simon Andre Henry Gomez
  • Aapo Honkanen
  • Gaia Lorenza Ierace
  • Daniele Ippolito
  • Isabela Leles Amaral
  • Minna Marjamaki
  • Anne Marjamaki
  • Franco Pelizzari Del Valle
  • Gabriel Lorenzo Pereira De Souza Chagas
  • Catarina Vilas Boas Vieira Pinto
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