On 29/01/2020
Campus du céria Avenue Emile Gryzon, 1
1070 Bruxelles, Afghanistan (‫افغانستان‬‎)

Collective show by second year students of the Higher School of Circus Arts directed by Simon Thierrée



The movement of the air vibrates the vocal cords and causes the leaves to fall from a tree.
In English, or in Spanish, move and move are one and the same word. Music knows how to do that, it “moves” something in us, that’s its greatest power.
The music of movement.

A symphony is 4 movements: the first is the most important, it constitutes the heart. The 2nd is slower, calmer. The 3rd, shorter and more nervous and finally the last, grandiose.
Well, that was back then, now we can do what we want.

With the participation of

  • Ignacio Aparicio Pardo
  • Carlos David Barquero Cardenas
  • Helena Berger
  • Julian Blum
  • Beatriz Dos Santos Duarte
  • Sofia Belen Enriquez Martinez
  • Andrea Gonzales Vazquez
  • Elise Martin
  • Mia Mattenklott
  • Ana Julia Moro Brene
  • Ruben Olave Fontalva
  • Hugo Pernel
  • Lucas Pierredon
  • Abdiel Ramos Lucas
  • Laleshka Salas Salazar
  • Alix Schils
  • Laila Smith
  • Marco Tulio Solis Fallas
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