Du 14 au 17 février 2024

For each new creation, the circus artist steps out of their comfort zone to explore beyond what they know. Discovering new sensations and ideas, acquiring skills, and pushing movements to reveal themselves. This stage is well known, yet essential. But we often forget what comes after, what remains to be accomplished with this newly discovered artistic space.

In this collective workshop, Hanna Mampuys proposes to address this phase of appropriation. How to expand one’s comfort zone to include this still hostile place for the artist? How to set the new boundaries of this moving zone?

Tonight, we celebrate this ever-growing and expanding comfort zone. We love being on stage. We enjoy feeling comfortable on stage. We love seeing you appreciate our joy. Let’s celebrate together.


During the supervised collective projects, students are confronted with directors, choreographers, or circus artists chosen for their artistic quality and their ability to guide them in a creative process. These situations aim to expose the student to original artistic languages that they can use to express their creativity while being aware of the entire creative group they are part of.

From February 14th to 17th, 2024, at 8:00 pm.


Direction: Hanna Mampuys / THERE THERE Company
Sound creation and external eye: Toon Van Gramberen
Production direction: Benoît Escarmelle
Technical direction: Jean-François Keller
General stage management: Sarah Faucon
Photography and teaser: Stanislav Dobak
Production: ESAC

With the participation of

  • Jeanne Antore-Cobetto
  • André Bandeira
  • Camille Bekkers
  • Shu-Huan Chang
  • Julianne Giraud
  • Lison Grandmaison
  • Simon Andre Henry Gomez
  • Ella Hummel
  • Thea Lasan
  • Jui-Hung Li
  • Rachel Monfroy
  • Sebastian Thomas Pickering
  • Melvin Sikkens
  • Lena Simeon de Buochberg
  • Lili Wieneke
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