Jesse Huygh

Jesse has always been athletic: competing nationally in gymnastics and judo, alongside swimming and circus, leaving him little time for other hobbies.

After graduating from ESAC in 2011, where he specialized in Chinese pole, he continued to train in straps, ground acrobatics, and partner acrobatics throughout his career as an acrobat. As an artist, he has worked for various prestigious companies worldwide, such as Cirque Eloize, NoFitState Circus, and Casus. Since 2016, he has been one of the founding members of the Collective Sous le Manteau, whose first show, “MONSTRO,” premiered in January 2019. Following health complications in the summer of 2020, Jesse was replaced in this show, allowing him to embark on a new creation: “À 2 Mètres,” supported by ADM vzw (Premiere in May 2021).

In parallel with this artistic career, since 2011, he has also developed pedagogical work. Jesse has been involved in professional training since 2011, not only at institutions such as ESAC (Brussels), Académie Fratellini (Paris), Codarts (Rotterdam), ACaPA (Tilburg), ECB (Bordeaux), but also through numerous masterclasses and workshops worldwide. In 2021, Jesse joined the teaching staff at ESAC.