Michel Cerda

As a theater director since 1986, I have found myself drawn to playing with others as well as with myself, leading me to diversify my work as a director and engage in artistic collaborations with circus, dance, contemporary magic, and puppetry companies.

I am also interested in actor training (text and improvisation with clowning) and directing, and have conducted workshops and interventions in institutions such as TNS, ENSATT, and FEMIS. I have served as a practitioner at the Department of Performing Arts at the University Paris Ouest-Nanterre La Défense and as an associate professor at Aix/Marseille University.

My recent theater productions include Synge’s “La Source des Saints” in 2017 at Studio-Théâtre de Vitry and La Commune in Aubervilliers CDN, followed by performances at T2G in Gennevilliers and La Joliette in Marseille, where I currently reside.

My most recent collaboration as a dramaturge and director in circus was “A Ciel Ouvert” with Cirque Aïtal in September 2022.

This year, I will be offering a workshop on dramaturgy and stage techniques to our first-year students.