Sandrine Jeanvoine

I am originally from Brittany, France, and I have been living in Brussels since 2017.

The guiding thread of my life can be summed up in acrobatics, both in its practice and in its teaching.

At a very young age, I joined the National Center for Acrobatic Sports in Rennes, France, which supported me until I became part of the national acrobatic gymnastics team from 1992 to 2000 (participating in several World and European Championships). In parallel, I obtained a university degree in physical education teaching as well as my coaching diplomas.

In 2000, I discovered the teaching of circus arts at the National School of Châtellerault, France. Acrobatic movements became not only a foundation for practicing circus equipment but also a broader means of creative expression that nourished my sensitivity to movement. I expanded my areas of expertise to include lifts, balance, trapeze-dance, and more.

Since 2017, I have been teaching intermittently at various higher education institutions such as ESAC in Belgium, CNAC in France, and ACAPA in the Netherlands.

Today, I teach at ESAC, where I explore with all my authenticity and in collaboration with students, a unique and creative technicality.