Exit is the final stage of training for final year students. In the form of a series of numbers, proposals submitted by students demonstrate the creativity of a booming sector. Each circus act combines a unique artistic approach with the highest technicality.


Folk is a project about reality, derision and essential action. Artists and spectators occupy the empty space together and the “ceremony” can begin. The apparatus becomes the adored totem, the central axis of the celebration. The deities are summoned and open the door to trance and suspension. The bull and the wrestler dive into a frenzied dance. Magic of gesture at the heart of circus action.

directed by Reynaldo Ramperssad


It’s Now is an invitation to pause time, to look, to feel the space and then to get involved. Place the apparatus on the ground and compose. In search of harmony, made of rhythms and colors, breaths and bodies in apnea, the white page fills little by little, images appear and dissolve into ordered chaos. A crossing from North to South, to the rhythm of the songs of the Pashiva Choir, mixing additional writing and performance.

directed by Fatou Traoré