Show staged by the company l’MRG’ée – Marlène Rubinelli – Giordano with third year students of the Ecole supérieure des arts du cirque from December 11 to 14, 2019 at 8:30 p.m. and December 15, 2019 at 3 p.m.
To start with, there is a voluminous space. typically inhabited in the form of a modern circus arena. This empty room echoes each step, from left to right, from floor to ceiling.
The vacant seats hugging up to the brim of the stage.
The immensity of this stage space puts a pit in the stomach and instinctively emerges a need to district and confine in order to bring movements and grind to shift us.
Four thick walls preventing all escape, all that is left is to take the momentum.
The frontal perspective inexorably brings me to glimpse any artistic form as a dialogue between two entities, a confrontation between a group that gives itself to see, and a group waiting to see something.
This group of 20 years olds: a group that dances within this world that it is about to leave,
In the trance
In the sleepless nights
In the footsteps on the dancefloor
Traces of their bodies dripping with unsurrendering energy
And overflowing their ways of being in the world.
The Line 8

Collective show by second year students of the Higher School of Circus Arts directed by Simon Thierrée



The movement of the air vibrates the vocal cords and causes the leaves to fall from a tree.
In English, or in Spanish, move and move are one and the same word. Music knows how to do that, it “moves” something in us, that’s its greatest power.
The music of movement.

A symphony is 4 movements: the first is the most important, it constitutes the heart. The 2nd is slower, calmer. The 3rd, shorter and more nervous and finally the last, grandiose.
Well, that was back then, now we can do what we want.


Exit is the final stage in the training of ESAC students: a series of short numbers, as diverse as the personalities of these young artists. Singularity, inventiveness, and high standards: this is what is expected of them within the school, and in the professional world where they are now entering. You will be the first to judge their prowess!