The form you will discover is a performance, a mixture of processes from the darkest to the most brilliant which arise from the spirit of collective work.

You will be guided through dark corridors and twisted corners where roles are freed from any archetype.

It is a physical manifestation, in the same way as the steam of boiling water which must find its way out by any means. Accompanied by techno melodies from the 2010s, isn’t that the best way to let go? It is in this fleeting moment that you will perceive the power that emanates from a group – the collective.

Concept and direction: Micha Goldberg with third year students from the Higher School of Circus Arts.


Exit is the final stage in the training of ESAC students: a series of short numbers, as diverse as the personalities of these young artists. Singularity, inventiveness, and high standards: this is what is expected of them within the school, and in the professional world where they are now entering. You will be the first to judge their prowess!