A collective creation resulting from reflections and confrontations: what are our particularities? What is our originality? Our individuality? What is this relationship that binds us to the group, to the common, to the collective, to the crowd?

Confrontation with others, and the relationship with oneself. Happiness as a generic subject, highlighted by the health context.

The representation is intended to be an outcome, the fruit of these individual influences and the chance moments of creation.

Directed by Angel Ramos.


Exit is the final stage in the training of ESAC students: a series of short numbers, as diverse as the personalities of these young artists. Singularity, inventiveness, and high standards: this is what is expected of them within the school, and in the professional world where they are now entering. You will be the first to judge their prowess!


Third year collective workshop staged by Gaël Santisteva and the Gilbert & Stock company.

Going through an art school course is a bit like entering a fermentation phase.
We could playfully make an analogy between the deprivation of oxygen necessary for fermentation and the setting in specific conditions induced by the intensive learning of an artistic discipline.
In both cases a process of transformation begins.
This mutation can portend the worst as well as the best and even alternate from one to the other in an unpredictable way, a bit like when we make lacto-fermented preserves and we seek a delicious, wonderful, excellent result.
Based on this observation, we tried to explore the question of ugliness, of the unwelcome, of the unsuitable, and to accept these unexpected things with derision.
We mirrored all of this with the unvarnished reality of a life of training, without ever forgetting the brilliance of certain flashes specific to the circus, and we managed together with the 18 students of this promotion to build a stage object: