Thomas Delphin-PoulatElana Rillh

Passionate about circus arts since childhood, Elana comes to Belgium, where she earns her Master’s degree in Cultural Management, and then begins working as an administrative assistant for former students of ESAC: the Curieux Collective (Carré Curieux). She also works as a freelance assistant, helping several companies or artist collectives with various administrative, outreach, or production tasks.

Since September 2022, she has joined the school as a part-time communications manager, working two days a week.

Sarah Faucon

Versatile stage manager, Sarah started as a technician in performance venues, working on concert lighting and radio sound setups. She then transitioned into the role of lighting designer in various theaters in Brussels before finally landing at ESAC and in the circus world.

Anne Boudot

She obtained a bachelor’s degree in accounting and management in 1994. She then worked for 12 years as a store manager. She joined ESAC in 2009 as an accounting secretary.

Sara LemaireReynaldo Ramperssad

Director and playwright, he has received training in Venezuela and the USA. He accompanies students throughout their three years of study, aiming to develop reflection and an artistic creation process.

Jean-François Keller

His first experience as a stage manager was at the National Theatre while still a student at ERG Brussels. In 1998, he knocked on the door of a young Brussels circus company looking for a stage manager for their next show, where he learned on the job, amidst the fast-paced rhythm of shows and festivals. In 2004, he collaborated on the “Couleur Café” festival and joined ESAC as a technical director.

Isabelle Simon

She obtained her CESS (Certificate of Secondary Education) in June 1991, worked in the public sector for 15 years before joining ESAC in September 2008 as a pedagogical secretary.

Thaïs César

After obtaining her law degree in 2007, she dedicated herself to legislation related to education and held various positions in public services related to education for about ten years. At the same time, she also pursued a course in family mediation and began practicing this profession as a complementary activity.