Folk is a project about reality, derision and essential action. Artists and spectators occupy the empty space together and the “ceremony” can begin. The apparatus becomes the adored totem, the central axis of the celebration. The deities are summoned and open the door to trance and suspension. The bull and the wrestler dive into a frenzied dance. Magic of gesture at the heart of circus action.

directed by Reynaldo Ramperssad


A show directed by Claudio Stellato
and Nicanor de Elia with the third year students
from the Higher School of Circus Arts of Brussels

Bang! appears as a series of brief sequences,
without a guiding thread other than the bodies of the performers, pushed to the limit. Limit states, excessive physical demands, contradictory action imperatives, are the key words of these acts on the border of performance. To try to produce, in a dramaturgy emanating from the body, all oppositions of strength and fragility, resistance and surrender, endurance and exhaustion, a burlesque of the extreme, a humor (necessarily a little dark) of mistreated identity.

With: Sergio Alvarez Pardo, Diego Arias Guirles, Joris Baltz, Josefina Castro Pereyra Soler, Oscar de Nova de la Fuente, Laureline Dubois, Julieta Martin, Audrey Minaud, Sergio Ortiz Cabrera, Guillermo Pastor Lopez Beltran, Hanan Vandenberghe, Violette Wauters, Léah Wolff, Juho Yrjola


Tutti follows the paper score of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, on which the disciplines of second year Esac students are distributed. These are in turn solo violin, viola, cello, harpsichord, throughout the twelve movements scrupulously followed… except certain movements, placed in a dramatic situation in a more raw and wild manner. And with Charlie Degotte on orchestration, expect this so-called serious music to make you laugh a lot!


Exit is the final stage in the training of ESAC students: a series of short numbers, as diverse as the personalities of these young artists. Singularity, inventiveness, and high standards: this is what is expected of them within the school, and in the professional world where they are now entering. You will be the first to judge their prowess!


After three wonderful weeks of residency, it is a meeting, a story of transmission, that we will invite you to attend. This meeting, this story, are those that the second year students at ESAC shared with Catherine Diverrès, around a piece entitled Blowin’.

After three weeks of work, this flagship piece by the French choreographer is taking shape and coming back to life in Brussels. Initially designed for eight dancers and 2 musicians, this choreography is no more fixed than the music or the light. Everything is improvised in real time, in a process based on the Tao and the Yi-King. In search of a new type of relationship between music and dance, Catherine Diverrès places randomness and improvisation at the heart of the creative process of Blowin’, thus radically calling into play her language and her writing. It explodes, disperses, and destructures the fundamentals, to re-engage them from other angles, to probe their strengths and faults, to confront them with other issues and possibilities. Thus,

Blowin’ chooses to explore the free, direct relationship of dance with music, and, rather than summoning writing and composition, gives priority to the moment and to the performers by favoring in the process the improvisation. Music is born in the presence and immediate reaction of bodies, from a diagram certainly, but which leaves room for improvisation in the representation for the musical structure, displacements and movements. Being with or against music, exercising, practicing and experimenting with the confrontation of music and dance to act on the immediate intelligence of bodies and listening to the relationship in the group.
Blowin’ – 2016 recreation

Artistic collaboration / scenography: Laurent Peduzzi | Dancers: Emilio Urbina. Interpreters: second year Esac students. Musicians: Seijiro Murayama—percussion, Jean-Luc Guionnet—saxophone, young musicians supervised by Ars Musica| Light: Catherine Diverrès, Eric Corlay, Les Halles technical team| Lighting advice: Marie-Christine Soma | Costumes: Cidalia da Costa assisted by Claude Gorophal | Scenographic construction: Atelier Devineau.
Original co-production: National Choreographic Center of Rennes and Brittany, International Choreographic Meetings of Seine-Saint-Denis. And, for the 2016 recreation: Halles de Schaerbeek, Anne de Bretagne Theater (Vannes), Higher School of Circus Arts (Brussels). With the support of Ars Musica.