Cheek to cheek

A show staged by Christian Lucas and Cheptel Aleïkoum with third year students from the Higher School of Circus Arts

“As iron sharpens iron, so sharpens man with man” (Proverb 27:17).
Cheek to cheek, which could just as well have been called “joute against jouxte”, declines like so many games the attributes which characterize circus collectives: commitment, insolence, provocation, confidence, pleasure, pain, affection, tenderness, eroticism. Variety of proposals and frivolity of games. A party, so as not to take yourself seriously and for the mask of fantasy to release the gravity of its heaviness. A rejoicing, where it is not a question of “having the skin” of the other, but of traveling there.

Halles de Schaerbeek Rue Royale Sainte-Marie 22, 1030 Brussels
Info and reservations: +32 2 218 21 07

We won’t get there alone

Second year workshop of the Higher School of Circus Arts and students of the music field of the Royal Conservatory of Liège. Directed by Christophe Morisset.
In the circus as in music, the soloist’s performance must deal with the unavoidable reality of cooperation. For the duration of a show, thirty students combine their own specialties and their high technicality based on complementarity, community and solidarity. Without diminishing their individualities, they offer an orchestral vision of artistic practice, like a metaphor for a better possible world. A utopia ? No, more a question of choice.

Free entry, reservation essential: +32 2 526 79 00 /

Presentation at the Théâtre de Liège on May 18, 2018


End of studies show for the 17th promotion of the Higher School of Circus Arts.

Exit is the final stage in the training of ESAC students: a series of short numbers, as diverse as the personalities of these young artists. Singularity, inventiveness, and high standards: this is what is expected of them within the school, and in the professional world where they are now entering. You will be the first to judge their prowess!