Little Games without Consequences ?

The starting point of this show is play.

The pleasure of playing is a strong bond that has existed since childhood, uniting all beings and through which we are able to recognize ourselves, to identify with each other.

We explore the fall, failure, winning or losing. How does an individual or a group react to success or failure? How does rebellion arise?

We will create a collective work, possibly different each night depending on the risks taken by the artists, but also the participation of the audience, whom we will invite to play with us.

From March 29th to April 1st, at 8:00 PM. April 2nd at 3:00 PM.


Direction: Sophie Mandoux, Cie Les P’tits Bras

Production direction and scenic assistance: Benoît Escarmelle

With the collaboration of: Vincent Kuentz

Technical Direction: Jean-François Keller

Lighting design and technical assistance: Sarah Faucon

Photos: Valentin Boucq

Supporting gaze: Anna Ward


A succession of acts, each representing a universe of its own, Exit is two hours of virtuosity, energy, and daring. It is also a vivid portrayal of a generation grappling with a world in upheaval.

Eight minutes to sum up a three-year marathon: that’s the rule given to each student when creating the project with which they will launch themselves out of school.

Intensive technical training, multidisciplinary expansion, dramaturgical work—they will have gone through it all during their education and also gained a broad cultural outlook, in contact with their peers who come from all continents.

General coordination: Silvia Ubieta
Technical coordination: Jean François Keller
Artistic direction: Christophe Morisset
Lighting design: Valentin Boucq
Sound management: Sarah Faucon
Stage management: Vincent Van Tilbeurgh
Assistant stage management: Matthias Tempette
Sound design support: Cloé Defossez
Artistic support: Hayo David, Sylvain Honorez, Vincent Kuentz, Sara Lemaire, Sophia Rodriguez, and Silvia Ubieta
Photography and teaser: Stanislav Dobak

Thanks to the entire teaching and administrative team at ESAC.

Message to the sleeping volcanoes

Message to the sleeping volcanoes is both a constant celebration of our lives and a manifesto of confronting our realities. A song to soothe and a cry to awaken. In a succession of scenes, bodies experience domination and submission, exuberance and calm, joy and pain. Seventeen performers bound by the imprint of gestures, in constant search of emancipation. Directed by Breno Caetano, it embodies a humanity that continues to distort the ordinary.

In supervised collective projects, students are confronted with directors, choreographers, or circus artists selected for their artistic quality and ability to lead them in a creative process. These situations aim to expose the student to original artistic languages that they can use to express their creativity while being aware of the entire creative group they are evolving with.

To book, send an email to:

Concept, direction & circusography: Breno Caetano
Set design: Xavier Peltier
Music: Gio Megrelishvili
Teaser & pictures: Nathan Ishar
Lighting: Valentin Boucq
Technical support: Jean-François Keller & Sarah Faucon
Production: ESAC


ESAC & not standing / Alexander Vantournhout

Having studied both at ESAC and P.A.R.T.S., Alexander Vantournhout’s physical language bears the influence of both contemporary dance and circus. In 2022 he’s returning to ESAC to collaborate with the third year students, who’re the final year of their training. Together they re-imagine the circus apparatus and question how the discipline they studied for many years can become more human and more collaborative.

Join us from 16 till 21 December 2022 at Les Halles de Schaerbeek!

Concept & circography: Alexander Vantournhout

Artistic collaborators: Axel Guérin & Emmi Väisänen

Created in collaboration with and performed by 3rd year ESAC students.

Outside eye: Charlotte Cétaire & Mélusine Lavinet Drouet

Light design: Tim Oelbrandt

Production: ESAC

Co-production: not standing